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I live through the images of our dreams. Sharing our deepest passions and finest details with friends, family and business associates. I hope to inspire your vision with my eye so you too can share that passion with the world!


I love photography for the opposite reason of the obvious image. I seek those little details that most people pass by. The way the sun hits the fence pole just right making it shine, the button randomly chilling in the wet street from the night before. What is the story behind the tiny imagery? I pay attention to these details because life would not be beautiful if it were forgotten for that which was left behind. The way one might smile in beaming appreciation of your presence. Hopelessly in love with affection and the dream of creating more in a world that can seem utterly distant sometimes. Between the 9-5 and traffic jams I stop to glance at the sky. I am constantly dreaming and ranting about these thoughts, expressions, and little moments of happiness. I am an artist, singer, a laugher, shouter and a damned fighter. I strive for that which most ignore and love to bring out the righteous and true in you. A poet, lover and flirtatious Tigger tackler I want it real and connected. Love that is. Connected through my life that presently exists. There is always black with the white. In photography it is termed the mid-gray. There is always an in-between of light and dark and I find myself swimming through it.

-Elizabeth Monroe

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Elizabeth Monroe Photography

  1. Thanks for stopping by my website. Internet is currently down. I hope to have updates this fall. Until construction is complete please visit my FaceBook page to see my photography: https://m.facebook.com/#!/emonroephotography?__user=1090238152 . I am also building a small business page for my photography on FB: https://m.facebook.com/#!/ElizabethMonroePhotography?__user=1090238152 . Look forward to blog updates this fall. Most of my work is public on FB. Feel free to PM me there. I am currently working out of Sacramento, CA. I work freelance in the Sacramento music scene, generally sub culture and metal bands. check out my friends band In the Silence: https://m.facebook.com/#!/inthesilence?__user=1090238152 . I have been shooting their shows off and on since 2010. Other projects include assisting with Minh Nguyen of Disco Modjo Photography: https://m.facebook.com/#!/discomodjo?__user=1090238152 . Projects with Minh included the pre model shoot for Shannon McCabe’s Sacramento Vampire Ball: https://m.facebook.com/#!/ShannonMcCabesVampireBall?__user=1090238152 and Fitness model Mariam Hakobavo: https://m.facebook.com/#!/mhakobova?__user=1090238152 . I also work with my other mentor Allen Henningson : https://m.facebook.com/#!/allen.henningson?__user=1090238152 . Feel free to copy and paste these FB links and check out our collaborations. My rates are fairly desent and I have access to some very expensive Cannon gear. My contact email is : Emonroephotography@gmail.com if your not FB friendly. Until next time, enjoy the art!
    -Elizabeth Monroe Photography

  2. Elizabeth Monroe Photography
    59 minutes ago ·

    I am booking artistic & experimental model shoots over the next 6 months. I am available after August 15th for scheduling. My prices are going up next year. I am building equipment, training and technical skills through my photography mentors Minh Nguyen at Disco Modjo Photography & Allen Henningson. I have been assisting Minh since 2011 and training with Allen for 6 months.

    Minh: http://www.discomodjo.net/

    Allen: https://m.facebook.com/#!/allen.henningson?__user=1090238152

    Previous to that I shot/processed & developed black & white film for 15 years and digital for about 13. I attended college for photography, accounting and small business ownership. I’ve spent years self studying and experimenting through self portraits, experimental models, fine art and portfolio work. Consistent independent photographer for musicians and the Sacramento underground goth/industrial club scene since 2005.

    My focus is on alt models but I’m open to any personality and idea.

    Pin up/rockabilly/ greaser/burlesque/belly dance/tribal/witchy/fae/glamour/goth/industrial/punk/skater/tattooed/pierced/alt modifications/steampunk/western, female/male/other, all shapes/sizes, also band promo, album art, tattooers & professional modeling portfolios of many themes.

    The majority of my shoots are outdoor on location of our collaborated choice. Old Folsom/Fair Oaks/Roseville, Downtown/Old Town Sac. Anywhere within 50 miles radius of Sacramento. Willing to travel further at additional cost. I also have indoor studio capabilities out of my home.

    Current fees based on type of shoot are $50-$175 (+ Gas & parking ) at your request. This includes a 1-2 hour set per model, $25 an hour per extra model, overtime charges of $40 an hour after 2 hours. Current package includes a photo cd of all images uncut and access/promo to edited images via FB and my website. Printing, custom framing, merchandise and shipping costs apply to other special packages. To be noted in a future post.

    Model release forms go into effect after negotiations. At time of scheduling a 72 hour non refundable $40 deposit is due. I am asking 3 weeks in advance to schedule shoots. I work full time on top of my photography career so please consider the value of my time.

    Are you able to contribute wardrobe, professional equipment, website design experience, promotional & networking advantages, have hair & make-up artist skills or artistic capabilities? Lets trade, my photography shoots and time for your assistance on my other booked shoots, access to your equipment or other specialties. Gas and parking are my only requests for artistic trade; you assist on my shoot I will pay your gas/parking or small rental fee, at time of your shoot you are responsible for compensation for gas/parking. Ride share & split transportation cost is optional for certain cases.

    I am interested in assisting on joint paid ventures with fellow photographers or trading my services as a model for other photographers assistance with my shoots.

    A few of my session ideas involve body painting in the great outdoors and using the elements for expression. Possible partial or full nudity shoots for the brave & 18 +. Nude portraits will not be posted on FB. Some ideas for classy nudes include fine art portfolio work and specialty gift calendars & merchandise for couples. Certain restrictions apply to these shoots.

    If you are a band, club, venue, tattoo artist or special event my prices will vary. I plan to do side projects with fine art + gallery showings in the future. I have way too many beautiful, creative and interesting friends to not want to do about a million shoots. However, I am not looking to build my portfolio, I seek clientele.

    I take the editing process very seriously and put anywhere from 24- 150 hours of labor into the final editing process. Please don’t be a jerk and use any of my images without my permission, all rights reserved. Restrictions for usage of my work with out my consent are as follows: any sale of merchandise, prints and usage of my art for your PR and your personal profit are unacceptable. I expect to obtain a small “usage” fee depending on your request. Respect my professionalism and I will work with conditions and material.

    Thank you to everyone who has been of inspiration to me as a photographer over the last 15 years. I have been building my craft professionally since 2008. I look forward to doing business with you. While you are considering the possibilities of your own self expression please view my current photo albums.

    Like/Comment/Share. I guarantee to surpass your expectations of a simple photograph.

    -Elizabeth Monroe Photography
    Photography for You, By M.E.
    Events, Portraits & Fine Art


    Phone number, equipment info, experience and meeting for scheduling upon request.

    PM me through FB or email @ emonroephotography@gmail.com

    Business Page

    Personal Page

    Website: Under Construction

    disco modjo photography
    disco modjo photography, Sacramento’s premier fashion, events, model photography.
    Elizabeth Monroe Photography
    The link at the bottom of this post for Disco Modjo Photography is a product of Minh Nguyen. My website is under construction. http://elizabethmonroe.com/
    Elizabeth Monroe Photography | Photography for You – Fine Art- Events – Portraits and Style

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